2017 Submissions

The Obelisk of Life The Obelisk of Life Rated Stars Who or what guards the Obelisk of Life? Comedy - Parody The Thing under the carpet The Thing under the carpet Rated Stars What happens when you are sweeping the garbadge under the rug? This is what happens. Comedy - Parody How to kill a roach How to kill a roach Rated Stars In few easy steps! Comedy - Parody Barber of Seville Barber of Seville Rated Stars Seville style haircut Comedy - Original Skate head Skate head Rated Stars Skate head gets skateheaded Comedy - Original Dream Dream Rated Stars What do they dream Comedy - Original Early Bird gets the Worm Early Bird gets the Worm Rated Stars Two birds compete for one worm Comedy - Original Dance with my Walther Dance with my Walther Rated Stars The dance of revenge Drama Kaput of the Third Reich Kaput of the Third Reich Rated Stars The fall of the Third Reich Comedy - Original Radioactive Effects Radioactive Effects Rated Stars 4 stages of nuclear winter Comedy - Original The Notebook The Notebook Rated Stars Love is blind and stupid Drama Lighting Harvesting Lighting Harvesting Rated Stars It's alive! It's ALIVE! Comedy - Original Tired Reaper Tired Reaper Rated Stars Sometimes the best job in the world is the worst Comedy - Original Party Planets Party Planets Rated Stars Planets having a party without Earth Comedy - Original Pest Friends Pest Friends Rated Stars cockroaches are social bugs... Comedy - Original Spacebook Spacebook Rated Stars Having free wi-fi is not always a good thing... Comedy - Original Neighbour Neighbour Rated Stars 75% of all neighbours in the Balkans Comedy - Parody The Hole The Hole Rated Stars Escape from prison goes wrong Comedy - Original TANC TANC Rated Stars Teenage Angry Ninja Chickens - chicken power! Comedy - Parody Alien Massacre 3 Alien Massacre 3 Rated Stars Violence in games has no limits, only cheatcodes. Action